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If you need to transport a vehicle to a location that is well over 100 miles away, it may be stressful to think about how you will get this done. Stress no more, as Big Toe Towing is here to help all residents with our long-distance towing in Colorado. This service is the perfect solution for when you need to get your car across the state or another location, in a safe and timely manner. We understand that your vehicle is an important part of your life, which is why we always strive to provide the best service possible with the right equipment for the job. Whether your vehicle is currently drivable or is inoperable, our team is ready to help you get it to where you need it. That said, if you require any other type of Colorado towing services, don't hesitate to give us a call.

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Long Distance vs A Standard Tow 

When it comes to a towing service, the first thing you likely think about is a vehicle being towed within a local city. This service is best attributed to our light towing and heavy towing options since it mostly involves short-distance travel. That said, if you need to transport your vehicle beyond your local and surrounding cities, long-distance towing is your best option. This service will require more coordination than your typical towing job since it requires a higher time commitment and specialized equipment for the tow!

Why You May Need Long Distance Towing

Although emergencies are likely the main reason you will ever require a tow when it comes to long-distance towing there are far more situations for which you may require our services!



If you are moving a significant distance away from your current location, it may be difficult to bring all of your vehicles along for the ride. It is stressful enough having to worry about all of your belongings making it to the new home, don’t add the additional stress of needing to care for each vehicle as well. Let Big Toe Towing handle the travel for you, as we will safely get your car to its new home on time.


Car Shows or Other Leisure Activities

If you are a car enthusiast who loves to travel to car shows to show off your prized possession, it is important that your vehicle makes it there in great shape. Our flatbed tow trucks have all of the space your car needs to travel comfortably, as we will safely secure your vehicle onto the bed making sure it goes nowhere!



Emergencies can happen at any time at any place. If you are ever traveling across state lines and find your car breaking down, leaving you stranded in the middle of the road, a long-distance tow may be your only option. We can have your vehicle back in your hometown in no time, whether you want it back home or with your local mechanic.

Flatbed Towing

Our Colorado long-distance towing services often involve the use of a flatbed truck as this is the best and safest option for the job. When it comes to getting your vehicle onto the bed, we only use the highest quality equipment to ensure that your vehicle remains in the same condition we retrieved it in. Our flatbed trucks have a large surface area for your car to completely sit on, so no matter the size of your automobile, we can assist you with your long-distance travel needs.

Why Trust Big Toe Towing

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24/7 Service

No matter the time of day, we are always here to help serve residents in Colorado with the best service possible. We understand that emergencies can happen at any time, so rest assured knowing that we have your back!

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Unbeatable Prices

When it comes to the towing industry, most companies like to charge ridiculous prices because they know their customers are in a desperate situation. We are not your typical towing company, as we offer unbeatable prices that will not break the bank.

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Professional Quality

Our team of professionals is highly trained, licensed, and certified in all aspects of the towing industry. When it comes to long-distance travel, we understand what it takes to get your vehicle to its destination as safely and quickly as possible!

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If you are planning to travel a significant distance from your current location and need to bring your vehicle along, look no further than working with Big Toe Towing. We will have your vehicle to its new destination on time while assuring it stays in the same condition we found it!

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